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Garage Door Opener Products: Which is Best?
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Garage Door Openers in Dallas & Ft Worth, TXGarage doors are notorious for playing up from time to time. Whether it makes a dreadful sound, or sticks and only opens half way, we at Professional Doors & Windows have put together the top garage door openers to solve your problems. Opening a garage door manually can be tiring, especially if it you use it daily.

The Chamberlain Range

Chamberlain is known for producing high quality products, and two of their garage door openers are the best on the market. First up is the Chamberlain WD832KEV Ultra Quiet and Strong model. This is one of the bestselling models in the market and it ticks all the boxes. This highly durable product isn’t only powerful and strong, it’s also almost silent. It also features a very handy ‘time to closure’ which means that you can set your garage door to be closed if you forget.

The Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive is another excellent product. Again, it’s durable, quiet and also attractive. In addition, it comes with two remote controls should you misplace or break one and need a backup. This product also boasts high security as it is controlled by a personalized key code of your choice.

LiftMaster Elite

The 8500 LiftMaster Elite Series Wall Mount Garage Door Opener ensures safety and security as well as being easy to use. You can completely tailor it to your specific requirements; speed of open and close, force required to open and close and the timer feature allows you to set it up to automatically close. It’s wall mounted and compact making it discreet.

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