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Simple Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting Tips
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Garage Door Opener

If your garage door opener suddenly stops functioning as intended, the explanation is usually simple. The same goes for the repair. There are only so many issues a garage door opener can experience, which narrows down the troubleshooting steps significantly. For some repairs or adjustments, the owner’s manual should offer plenty of useful knowledge. Alternatively, if the job seems too big, contact a professional to handle the task instead. A knowledgeable technician can solve the problem promptly that very day.

Common Issues

The most common problems with a garage door opener are usually related to the power source. In many cases, the power supply may have been disrupted for whatever reason. First off, be sure the motor unit is correctly plugged in. Then, check the circuit breaker, fuse, or GFCI. If there is a noticeable issue with any of these components, the garage door opener will cease working properly.

Should the issue be electrical, it is highly recommended you call in a professional. Messing with wiring and the electrical system of your home is no easy task, and certainly should not be taken lightly.

Opening and Closing

Another common issue is the garage door not opening or closing properly with the remote. There are several solutions to this problem. For instance, you may simply need to get close to the door to receive a better signal. Alternatively, check to ensure the battery in the garage door opener is brand-new or functioning.

Furthermore, if the troubleshooting as mentioned above tips fail to work, you may need to reprogram your garage door opener completely. This is a job best left to a professional technician.

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