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Garage Makeover Solutions in Grand Prairie

A garage is often an afterthought to a home’s space, left out of renovations or too often neglected to fill with dust and spiderwebs. If your garage is looking a little outdated, unorganized, or just in need of some freshening up, it deserves some attention too. With some simple repairs or a full garage makeover, it can be a pleasant, welcoming, and organized part of the house. Professional Garage Concepts is a garage repair company that offers garage makeovers and garage systems to residents in the Grand Prairie/ Dallas Fort Worth area.

Commercial Garage Door Installation Dallas Ft Worth TX

Add Storage and Organization to Your Garage

People with busy lives or crowded homes can often find themselves using their garage as a storage room. That sort of clutter can take over the entire garage and leave vehicles out to be punished by the sun, rain and other elements on a daily basis. Garage systems for storage and organization can help identify places for bicycles, tools, machines, toys, holiday decorations, out of season clothing, and all that other overflow that often finds itself pushed out of the house. Professional Garage Concepts are experts in shelving, pegboards, all kinds of cabinets, ceiling racks, and more to make sure everything in your garage has a place, leading to an organized and more aesthetically appealing space.

Garage Door Repair Richardson, TX

Garage Door Repair & Replacements

A garage door is a key element to the structure, and there are many options to choose from. Often large garages have one or more large doors big enough for vehicles to fit through, in addition to standard entry doors. There are multiple options for large doors; the roll-up model is a popular selection, but other garage solutions may lend themselves better to doors that move sideways or open on a different type of hinge.

Electronic garage doors are very convenient but can age and break over time. The door will need maintenance to keep it working well, and the time will likely come when it needs to be replaced. The experts at Professional Garage Concepts can recommend the best type and size of garage door for your needs. And don’t forget the remote control aspect–the opening and closing of that garage door might be an afterthought in the minds of some homeowners but it makes life much easier when a working garage system is in place.

Garage door systems can be installed that will make life easier all around, with different needs addressed through the different options available. Homeowners may be looking at a system that puts a premium on addressing noise concerns or the level of maintenance required, while commercial businesses may be looking for something that exudes durability. And remember–if you choose to expand the size of your garage, the door itself may also have to follow suit.

Repairing Floors, Walls, and Other Elements

Garages can take a beating. Years of vehicles being driven inside can take a toll on a cement floor, and can leave unsightly stains on the floor from fluids leaking or dirt being tracked inside. Weather fluctuations can lead to cracks, and water damage can occur to all parts of the structure. Professional garage contractors in Dallas and Fort Worth can identify the problems and decide with you the best garage solutions to prevent future concerns while staying within your budget.

The Best Choice

For the past two decades, Professional Garage Concepts has helped residents and businesses in the Grand Prairie area by providing garage makeovers and garage solutions that make an impact. So if you’re seeking a new look for your garage, need to have your floor made more durable or are simply in the market to make your life less cluttered and more convenient with quality garage systems, contact us at Professional Garage Concepts. Just call us at 817-538-7668 or fill out our online form.