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Garage Door Insulation Services Grand Prairie

Garage Door Insulation Services Grapevine, TXDid you know your garage door might be costing you hundreds of dollars extra on your utility bills each month? Most people don’t know that, without the proper garage door insulation, they are throwing money away by heating and cooling their homes inefficiently. Professional Doors Concepts provides quality garage door insulation services to help optimize the efficiency of your home and save you money. Give our office a call and learn how we can help make your garage door pay for itself.

Signs Your Garage Door Isn’t Insulated Properly

You may be thinking that your garage door is not insulated in the correct manner just by looking at it. However, there are some large signals your garage door needs additional insulation that may not always seem obvious. Some of these signs include…

  • Large utility bills despite attempts to curb energy use.
  • Your garage is abnormally hot or cold.
  • You notice drafts of air coming in through your garage door when closed.

If you notice any of the following, you are likely to need garage door insulation services. Give Professional Garage Concepts a call today to schedule your appointment.

Insulated Garage Door Cost

Is your garage attached to your house? If so, you should invest in an insulated garage door. This type of garage door will help you save on utility bills, and will reduce noise. Wondering about cost? Usually, the cost for an insulated garage door varies according to the type of material that you choose. For instance, aluminum garage doors tend to cost between $750 and $2000, whereas wood garage doors are typically priced a bit higher (anywhere from $1200 to $5000). The costs for steel garage doors, on the other hand, run between $750 and $3500.

Do you have further questions about insulated garage door costs? Contact Professional Garage Concepts today!

Don’t DIY, Call a Professional

There are many guides online that provide information on how to insulate your garage door on your own. We urge you not to try and do it yourself. You risk damage to your garage door as well as safety hazards for yourself. Garage doors have several high-torsion springs that can cause severe injury or even death. Any serious garage door repair or maintenance should be left to the professionals. If you need garage door insulation services in the Grand Prairie area, simply call Professional Garage Concepts,and we will take care of the rest.

Do you need garage door insulation services? Call Professional Garage Concepts at 817-538-7668 to schedule your appointment with our experts today!