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Garage Door Openers in Grand Prairie

We Have Perfected the Art of Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation

Garage Door Openers Grapevine, TXProfessional Garage Concepts offers professional garage door opener repair and installation to the Grand Prairie area. We understand the inconvenience that can be caused by a broken garage door opener. It may cause you to have to park your car on a less secure street, or it might hinder your business’s efficiency in loading and unloading. Once you give Professional Garage Concepts a call, we will give you fast and reliable service, often within the same day. If you are need to choose a new garage door opener, we are happy to assist you in matching your needs with the perfect garage door opener.

Commonly Asked Questions and Concerns

Often, when it comes to garage door openers, we tend to get the same customer questions. So, we thought we’d answer them here.

What is the difference between screw, belt, and chain drive garage door openers?

The differences in functionality of screw, belt, and chain drive garage door openers are minimal, but the differences lie in the actual operation of your garage door.  In chain and belt types, you’re using a system that acts to pull or push the door up or down a track. With a screw drive garage door opener, your door functions on a trolley, but is driven by a turning rod or screw.

How can I get a new remote control for my opener?

That job is on us. We’re the team to call to order your replacement remote. The turnaround time is usually very quick. When it comes to general questions about Garage Door Opener Remotes, we also want to be your resource. We aim for the ultimate luxury with our clients and their garage door use, and remotes make that a possibility. With a remote control, you stay sheltered from rainstorms, enter your garage quickly, and have a safe entry into your home. If that’s not a necessity, we don’t know what is.

How can I program a garage door opener to work with my Homelink® system?

This is a pretty easy fix. Commonly, we can sync up your garage door opener with your Homelink® system with no problem.

Can I use my smartphone to operate my garage door opener?

Yep. You absolutely can do this. We can set it up for you and have your touch screen garage opener working in no time.

In short, if there’s a gadget question or operational concern you have regarding your garage door opener, we’re the team to call.

What is the best garage door opener?

When determining the best garage door opener for your home, you should consider as many different options as possible. These include:

  • Chain-Drive. These openers use a chain to raise and lower the door.
  • Screw-Drive. Since these units use a steel rod to lower and raise the door, they are quieter than most other models.
  • Direct-Drive. This unit uses a motor to raise and lower the door..
  • Belt-Drive. A belt-drive system is similar to the chain-drive system, but uses a belt.

Do you have further questions about the best garage door opener? Don’t hesitate to contact Professional Garage Concepts today!

Trust Our Experienced Team of Professional Garage Door Technicians

Our team of professional garage door technicians has extensive experience in all aspects of garage door opener repair and installation. We have a long-standing reputation in the Dallas and Fort Worth area for exceptional customer service. It is no wonder why our customers often refer their family and friends to Professional Garage Concepts for their garage door opener needs.Give us a call today and let us show you why we are one of the highest-rated garage door companies in Grand Prairie and the DFW area!

If you are in need of garage door opener repair or installation, call Professional Garage Concepts. Dial 817-538-7668 to schedule an appointment with one of our garage door experts.