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Liftmaster Operator 8587 W

Liftmaster 8587wThe Liftmaster 8587W garage door operator is one of the most powerful garage door operators on the market today.

This garage door operator features one of the best warranties available today, with quality parts that are precision made. Some features of the LiftMaster Operator 8587W  including:

  • Strong I beam type of rail with a chassis support bracket.
  • Multi-speed sprocket that can be customized for individual garage doors.
  • Standby power system so it will continue working during power failures.
  • With the new MyQ technology installed, you will be able to open or close your garage door from a computer, a tablet, and your smart phone.


Why Upgrade Your Garage Door Operator?

Most older garage door openers simply do not have the power necessary to open a heavier door, especially one that is insulated. They are noisy and are harder on the garage door by not slowing the door down when almost closed. This results in slamming the door on concrete which shortens the life of the door. They are also prone to overheating which will cause the opener to quit working, or in the worst case, even a fire.

Older openers are also a security risk which can be easily hacked by criminals. A radio tower near your home can make your garage door open and close on its own. Even CB radios and scanners can also make your door open without the remote being activated. A loose wire in the controller can also activate the door causing it to open on its own. This is a huge security risk since the door can be open while you are away from home. Keeping your home safe is a top priority for us.

A Liftmaster garage door operator solves all of these problems. The door will open and close smoothly without the noise and shuddering of an old opener. It has more than enough power to open heavy insulated doors. Here are some of the benefits of the Liftmaster 8587 W garage door operator:


Smart Opener

  • Has built in WiFi.
  • Mobile app so you can monitor your door.
  • Automatic alert to inform you if door has been opened.
  • Ability to control your door from your phone.


Very Reliable

  • Has the best warranty on the belt and motor.
  • A large 3/4 horsepower motor to open the heaviest doors.
  • Has a heavy duty I beam rail system with reinforced chassis.


Very Secure

  • Has an auto lock capability deadbolt system.
  • The remote sends a new code with each opening.
  • Can be programmed to close the garage door at a certain time.
  • A motion detecting system that automatically turns a light on and off.
  • If there is any obstruction under the door, it will automatically reverse.


Once you have enjoyed a new garage door operator, with these incredible features, it is hard to go back.  Get started on improving the security of your home and the value of your home with enhanced smart features. It is equally important to hire the services of an experienced company you can trust with installation. Contact the professionals at Professional Garage Doors and Windows to start your garage door project in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. Contact us today.