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Garage Door Installation Service in Grand Prairie

A New Garage Door Has the Potential to Transform Your Home or Business

Garage Door Installation Service in Dallas & Ft Worth, TXThe easiest way to give your home or business a much-needed face lift is with new garage door installation. Professional Garage Concepts has a large variety of new garage doors for your residential or commercial property. We can match the character and style of your home with a brand new garage door. From wood and metal to different colors and finishes, Professional Garage Concepts has you covered for garage door installation in Dallas and Fort Worth. Read through this Amarr guide for how to choose a garage door.

New Garage Doors Installation in Grand Prairie

Are you considering installing a new garage door in your DFW home? Great choice! Here are just two ways a new garage door can benefit you:


  • A new garage door will increase your home’s aesthetic — and actual — value. There’s nothing like a modern, new garage door to make your home look attractive to potential buyers. Homes with new garage doors also enjoy an instant increase in curb appeal.
  • Provide security. A new garage door will up the security level of your home.


Here at Professional Garage Concepts, we offer the best in garage door installation in DFW. Contact our team today to find out more!


Some Frequently Asked Questions

When considering a new garage door, here are some FAQs we commonly get:

When should I replace my garage door with a new one? 

Considering a new garage door is a big decision. We often suggest you make that decision once your preexisting garage door has trouble with its functionality that cannot be addressed with repair work alone. This can be after a few years or a decade or two. It really depends on the severity of the inability to function.

What is the best garage door for me?

This choice is an aesthetic one. Make sure you select the garage door that meets both your home’s needs for security while still address your personal style.

Are special size doors available?

Absolutely. We know that homes come in all shapes and sizes, and as such, we offer special sizes in garage doors.

What type of spring is better: extension or torsion?

This question is difficult to answer. Instead of answering which type of spring is better, extension or torsion, we’ll shift the focus to the purpose of the spring. Your garage door installation and placement really determines what spring is utilized. Both springs though are standards in our industry.

How much do new garage doors cost?

The cost of a new garage door depends largely on the type of door you select! Here’s a breakdown of the different types of doors and their estimated costs:

  • Wood garage doors. Wood garage doors tend to run between $1200 and $5000.
  • Steel garage doors. Steel garage doors generally cost between $750 and $3500. Steel doors come in a wide variety of colors and pricing options.
  • Aluminum garage doors. Aluminum is very resistant to rust, making it an ideal garage door material for humid environments. An aluminum garage door usually costs between $1500 and $2000.

Do you have questions about the cost of new garage doors? Contact Professional Garage Concepts today!

Our Experienced Professionals Provide Seamless Garage Door Installation

We have a team of highly experienced and reliable garage door technicians who have the knowledge and expertise to install your garage door quickly and easily. No fuss, just the job done right the first time. We also provide you with instruction on how to properly maintain your garage door, answer any questions about your new door, and will always be there if something should go wrong somewhere down the line. We really go the extra mile for our customers, and that is why Grapveine and DFW residents turn to Professional Garage Concepts for their garage door installation needs.

If you need garage door installation, or have a question about our inventory of new garage doors, call Professional Garage Concepts at 817-538-7668 today! We would be happy to assist you.

How to Choose a Garage Door