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Commercial Garage Door Repair Grand Prairie

Don’t Let a Broken Garage Door Keep You from Conducting Business

Commercial Garage Door Repair Grapevine, TXWhen you are looking for commercial garage door repair in Grand Prairie or the Dallas or Fort Worth area, you can count on the experts at Professional Garage Concepts. We know how important a garage door is to your business’s day-to-day activities. Garage doors serve many commercial purposes, from loading and unloading to ventilation and security. A broken garage door can mean a serious hit to your bottom line. We strive to provide fast, honest, and reliable commercial garage door repair along with exceptional customer service. We can often perform your commercial garage door repair in the same day. Give us a call and see why everyone is talking about Professional Garage Concepts!

Let Our Professionals Help Your Professionals

We understand the importance of keeping things moving when it comes to small business. For more than 15 years, we have been serving Grand Prairie and surrounding areas with quality residential and commercial garage door repair. All of our garage door technicians have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in getting your garage door back into operation. Professional Garage Concepts offers dependable and affordable service to local businesses and residents. We are happy to answer any concerns or questions you may have about your garage door. Give us a call today!

Emergency Commercial Garage Door Repair

There is no worse situation than when your commercial garage door repair service is truly an emergency. However, that’s what we do best. At Professional Garage Concepts, we tackle emergency garage door service without hesitation. We know that your emergency is just as much an emergency to us. Your garage door is our business. Make sure you enlist our team when it comes to that emergency commercial repair.

Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers

It wouldn’t be in our nature to leave questions unanswered. Being that our priority, we decided to provide some answers to frequently asked questions. First, what are the different types of commercial garage doors? Our immediate reply to this customer question is: plenty! A customer can select a roll-up door, a fire proof one, an extra durable grade door, or even a door that closes at the center versus from top to bottom. Your commercial needs are what make the decision. 

Next, we get asked how important is insulation within a commercial garage door? And that answer doesn’t really depend on you. Instead, it depends on what object is within the space. If you have extreme cold or hot weather, due to seasonal change, and the object you’re storing is sensitive to temperature – you need insulation. This goes for cars all the way to heavy machinery.

Finally, the common questions is this: how much headroom is required above a commercial or industrial garage door? The majority of the time, headroom is a necessity for a commercial garage door. This is due to the door itself closing and opening on a track. This track may require anywhere from 2 inches of room to 2 feet! It all depends on the lifting system in place.

Whatever your needs, Professional Garage Concepts can assist with your commercial garage door repair. Call us now or dial 817-538-7668 to speak to one of our garage door experts.