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LiftMaster Operator 8365

If you are looking for safety, technical convenience and ease of use in a garage door opener, LiftMaster Operator 8365 may be your best option. You can forget the days when your garage door opener strained to lift the door and closed it with a resonating crash. LiftMaster Operator model 8365W-267 works smoothly, without issues and it will last for many years to come.


Safety First

LiftMaster Operator is one of the most advanced garage openers you can buy. Many older garage door openers just don’t have the required power to open a heavier, insulated door. The engines overheat, becoming a fire risk and they can be open by just about anyone with a CB scanner or are near a radio tower or if the motor has a loose wire. In fact, it provides no safety features at all. There is no reason to live with this kind of insecurity when there is LiftMaster Operator 8365 available. The safety features include:


  • A new code is sent from the remote every time the door is opened
  • It has an automatic lock deadbolt system
  • Motion detectors that turn lights on and off
  • It will automatically reverse if there is an obstruction under the door while it is closing
  • It can be programmed to close the door at a certain time


How LiftMaster Operator works

The LiftMaster Operator 8365W-267 is Wi-Fi enabled. It connects with your home network so you can receive alerts on your smartphone, monitor your door, receive an alert on your phone if someone is trying to open your door. If you want to open it for a particular purpose, you can do it remotely and then close it again. This kind of access, safety and convenience is only possible with a LiftMaster Operator 8365.


Rest Assured

The ¾ horsepower engine will gently open the heaviest door including insulated doors. The motor and belt have one of the top warranties in the industry and the I-beam rail system is heavy-duty with a reinforced chassis. A LiftMaster Operator model 8365W-267 is much more than a garage door opener. It is a way to make your home smart and for you to stay connected to your family and belongings.


If your garage door opener is beginning to act like it’s on its last legs, it probably is. It may be a smart move to replace it before it completely breaks down and leaves your garage and home vulnerable to outside threats. If your automatic garage door opener is making strange noises, if it is so old that it doesn’t have any electronic safety components and if it doesn’t have battery backup, you may be ready for a new one.


It’s time to increase the safety and value of your home by upgrading your automatic garage door opener with a state-of-the-art machine. When you call Professional Garage Doors & Windows for a new LiftMaster Operator 8365W-267, you can be sure it will be installed by experienced and trustworthy professionals so it is done right the first time.

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